Pharmacy Start-up Tips

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Discussion points for the one-hour consult include but are not limited to:

  1. Fundamentals of a pharmacy business plan/proforma.
  2. Deciding between an acquisition and a start up pharmacy.
  3. Basics on establishing a pharmacy valuation.
  4. Understanding the process of an acquisition.
  5. The importance of a non-disclosure agreement.
  6. Cast of supporting professionals needed to realize ownership.

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“If you build it, they may not come”

Built in clinic/offices

There seems to be a growing number of pharmacy professionals who wish to renovate and divide their existing pharmacy or to do a start-up pharmacy to include a doctor’s office/walk in clinic. This holds true for both the established owners group and the younger pharmacy professionals.

A few months ago I spoke with a younger pharmacy professional who wanted to do a start-up pharmacy, and when I spoke to him he had already signed a lease. I asked him if he had written a business plan. He told me he had a plan, however, it was not in written format. His plan included building in a walk-in clinic for general practitioners. He did not know the allocation of space between the retail pharmacy and the walk-in clinic. In addition, when I questioned him further, I asked him if he understood the cost of building the clinic portion of his pharmacy. He did not understand that the millwork costs alone would significantly increase as a result of building in a walk-in clinic. He was under the impression that if he provided space and facilities for general practitioners, that it would be a simple task to attract doctors. Because he had already signed a lease, and had not been consulted on the cost of building in a walk-in clinic, his current ability to capitalize his start-up based on the financing was greatly diminished.................................