Succession Workbook

Thinking about selling your pharmacy?

Do you have a succession plan?

It is an important facet of any pharmacy business. As a busy owner, getting ready to sell your pharmacy can be complex and time consuming. After many years of faithful service to your customers it is important to consider the legacy of the pharmacy and the timing of ownership transition. It is one of the most important business decisions you will make.


At we have many years of experience assisting independent pharmacy owners with succession planning and the sometimes challenging business transition process. We can assist you towards the best possible outcome, as well as help you with the many considerations required in selling your pharmacy.

Introducing a “Succession Workbook” designed for Pharmacy Owners!

It is important to remember that succession planning does not necessarily mean retirement. While retirement is the number one reason for pharmacy owners to leave their business, there are a fair number who plan on doing something different and may even start a new business.

It is never too early to start developing a succession plan. Even if you feel that succession is many years away, having a plan will make things that much easier when the time comes. It can form part of your overall business plan and of course you can always make changes as your circumstances and goals change over time.

Not having a succession plan can leave you vulnerable and puts the advantage in the hands of the successor (buyer) of your business.
A well-designed succession plan could be the difference between an anxious, chaotic and emotionally draining process with a less than desirable outcome, versus a knowledge-based and well planned ownership transition.

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