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About is a network, which provides the resources where pharmacy professionals at various stages of ownership can find the direction and services necessary to take the next step. Whether looking to own for the first time or expanding ownership portfolios, provides practical resources, which also includes steps towards exiting independent pharmacy ownership.

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Meet Phil Hauser

Phil is a Succession and Acquisitions Consultant and has worked with for Independent Pharmacy owners for last 8 years. Prior to his specialization in this area, Phil was involved as a Director of Business Development and a Consultant for for various pharmaceutical wholesalers in Canada and the US.


As a Certified Business Broker (CBB), Phil knows that selling a pharmacy is not easy and requires good planning. Equally owning a pharmacy for the first time also requires a good business plan in an ever-changing pharmacy marketplace. Phil also engages young pharmacy professionals looking for first time ownership and has been a guest lecturer at the Faculty of Pharmacy for 4th year students at the University of British Columbia. 

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